How it all started...

Bob Hopp (Owner)

The story of Ten Acre Treehouse's starts in the spring of 2013 with a simple idea. After a zip line was installed I realized that I was gonna need a platform to reach the starting point for the ride. After much thought of what to build after watching an episode of "Treehouse Masters" my inspiration was piqued to build a treehouse!

My first treehouse the "Whitetail" started out as a simple structure built on a 14' x 24' platform with a small one-room living space and a small half bathroom of to the side, also a second story sleeping loft! After a short eight months of construction, mainly evenings and weekends, the Whitetail was ready for its first Christmas party in 2013!! The Whitetail treehouse was only to be my man cave or party den, then as fate would have it, I showed the now completed treehouse to a friend from Nauvoo that had a rental property and he suggested that I rent my little treehouse out!

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After looking at a couple of nightly rental websites I decided to put together a listing for the Whitetail, posted it, and after a short 24-hour period I had my first booking!! A couple from Chicago and their 3 dogs came for the July 4th weekend 2014 and had a great time!

After a year of renting the Whitetail with increasing popularity and bookings, I decided that if one treehouse was good, 2 has got to be better!

Started building the Captains Quarters in May of 2015, this treehouse was planned from the beginning to be bigger and better than the Whitetail. This one was to be a full 2 story treehouse that would easily accommodate more people than the first. This treehouse became available to rent one year later in May 2016.

The story of the "Fort Henry Log Cabin" is unique in itself. It was totally random how I became the owner of this structure. I hosted a tour from the Early Tin Dusters Car Show in Quincy where I showed my property to members of this annual car show. On conclusion of the tour when folks were getting ready to leave, I was pulled aside by Bob and Gerri Berti from Bever, MO. They expressed their thanks for the tour and totally enjoyed my property. They also shared that they currently owned a 190 year old white oak log cabin that they had moved from its original location $mdash; a long-extinct town of Fort Henry, MO.

They no longer used the cabin. It was in danger of rotting away in its current location and expressed their desire that it found a new home!

I was excited to look at it and hopefully come to an agreement to purchase, after a trip to Bever, I made an offer and purchased the cabin and disassembled and moved to Illinois in Nov 2016!

It wasn't until the summer of 2017 that I started the rebuilding process of this piece of American history! This was probably the most challenging project to date. I started watching the "Barnwood Builders" TV show religiously. After 15 months of building and finishing, I hosted my first guest in early November 2018.

I am planning more upgrades to the log cabin: a kitchen addition and an indoor bathroom. However, it is available to rent now!